Emax MT2205II 2300kv (Black) Motor Testing

Emax MT2205II 2300kv (Black) Motor Testing


Emax has widely been known for producing very good motors for the money and being a good value overall and have become very popular with the entry level miniquad enthusiast but one thing Emax has lacked in the past has been a motor that can compete with higher end motors like Cobra and T-motor.. Well today that all changes.. Emax has seemed to pull out all the stops and have created a new more powerful successor to their widely popular MT2204 2300kv by replacing it with a new and improved MT2205II 2300kv motor.

The MT2205II 2300kv builds upon the successes of the MT2204 by using the same cool motor design bell and base and paired up with Japanese bearings for smooth reliable operation and less heat generation

The MT2205II 2300kv motors are currently selling for $18.99 and can be purchased at the following vendors.

Banggood: http://www.banggood.com/EMAX-MT2205-II-Racing-Edition-KV2300-For-FPV-Multicopter-p-1017011.html

Emax Stated Features:

1. A comprehensively optimized design of magnetic lineation for a complete energy burst.
2. Double anti-loose lock nut, effectively prevents propeller ejection.
3. Strong suction design, dramatically reduces the overall operating temperature of the motor.
4. Low CG, light weight design, longer duration of flight.
5. 0.2 mm laminations stator for maximum efficiency.
6. Original Japan imported bearings.
7. New anti-off U ring, enhances safety and stability.
8. Identifiable Motor rotation direction sign, easy to install.

Manufactures Stated Specs:

Framework: 12N14P
KV: 2300
Length: 31.7mm
Diameter: 27.9mm
No.of cells: 3-4S lipo
Max.thrust: 774g
Shaft: 3mm
Propeller: 5″
Weight: 29g

Product Photos:

Emax shows that they have been listening to their customers and it can be seen in several different areas of the product.  First up they include a hex wrench to install the motors, second they include motor screws of two different lengths to fit the standard 3mm arms and a longer set to work with thicker arms such as the 4mm and 5mm ZMR250 arms, and third but not least is they not only have CW and CCW threaded motors but they also include Nylock nuts and not just one nut…. They include THREE!!! Who would have ever thought to include spares? Emax did….

Its this level of attention to detail that really sets Emax apart from their competition and if they continue this path I believe you will see a lot of defectors from pricer motors to move to the Emax product line.

Stay tuned as the thrust test will be posted up very shortly…


    • These are actually the predecessors to the red bottoms. I was part of the original beta test group and the first group received these instead of the red bottoms. As far as performance they are about 100 grams less thrust than the red bottoms but other than that they are identical (other than color). They have been very good motors overall and I am still using them to this day.