ZMR250 Overcraft PDB Boards Batch 4 On Sale

ZMR250 Overcraft PDB Boards Batch 4 On Sale [Updated]

Overcraft PDB

Overcraft is back once again with a new batch of ZMR250 PDB boards up for order. Ordering has begin and will go through the 26th of February. He also has a LED ring available that goes on the back of the quad.


How to order:

To order, you need to fill the form. The pdb cost its 7.50€, and the led ring its 6.50€. Shipping is 7€ worldwide.
I only can send you 2 pdbs and 2 led rings as maximum for each shipment.

If you only want the led rings and no pdb’s, I can send up to 10 led rings for 1 shipment.

The pdb’s and the led rings need to be manufactured . They will be ordered after the 26th, and they will produce them in 25 to 45 days. Then I will ship them to you.

Fill this form to order. At the end of the form it will show you the PayPal address for the payment, don’t close it!.


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